Standards of publication

The journal “Quantitative Methods in Economics” is in compliance with the standards ensuring that the authors of papers in a transparent, fair and readable way present the results of their work. The editors make every effort to eliminate cases of “ghostwriting” and “guest authorship”.

“Ghostwriting” refers to the situation when someone made a substantial contribution to the paper, without disclosing his participation as one of the authors or without mentioning his role in the publication acknowledgments.

“Guest authorship” (“honorary authorship”) refers to the situation when the authors contribution to the paper was negligible or did not take place at all, and despite of this is remained as the author/co-author of the publication.

To prevent the “ghostwriting”, “guest authorship”, editors of the magazine “Quantitative Methods in Economics” requires from the individual authors an information on their contribution in the creation of the paper. Therefore, proper information should be filled in the Authors Statements document. Authors of the published papers are asked to sign the statement, where they transfer their copyright to the publisher and declare that the paper was not previously published and does not infringe the others copyrights.

Refereeing process

  1. Papers that do not meet the formal and editorial requirements are not accepted by the editors.
  2. All papers are evaluated by two reviewers from departments different from the authors origin.
  3. Reviews are “Double-blind”, which means that the refereeing process ensures anonymity of both referees and authors.
  4. Review should be written and shall be made on a form downloaded from the journal website.
  5. Authors receive both review forms. If significant changes are suggested by the reviewers, the article after corrections is re-reviewed, which may result in delay of its publication.

Cost of the publication qualified for publication is 150 Euro for maximum 10 black and white pages of text (including abstract, tables, figures, etc.) An additional pages are charged of 15 Euro. The text of a manuscript should contain all the required elements: summaries, tables, figures, complete list of all authors, complete affiliation of each author.

Please, use our OJS system to upload your manuscript: